Saturday, May 16, 2009

Plus size clothes at Wet Seal

I don't know what caused me to stumble across this tidbit of information, but Wet Seal has a limited selection of plus size clothes only available online. Sizes are available up to 24 and 3x. There are a couple of things I could definitely rock. All at reasonable prices, of course!This hot zebra print dress is only $28.50!
This jacket is available in four colors and a steal at $22.50.
This shirt would make a great club shirt and is on sale for $9.99!

Forever 21, take note. Wet Seal knows that a true 2x is not a 15/16.


sorrybusy said...

OMG! Thanks for your posting! I went to the Wet Seal Plus Size website and they have some awesome styles and the prices are afforable too!

Daffernia said...
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PlusClothingExpert said...

It would be great to see some more from your plus size clothes collection.

Meee said...

Do they ever have thes close at the store?